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The form of therapy varies according to individual needs.   Depending upon presenting problem as well as client characteristics, therapy may occur within a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)  framework or include use of play-therapy techniques.  Often, especially when working with younger children, at least part of the session is spent working with parents to help generalize skills into the home setting.

In addition to working with children and adolescents, Dr. Tani also provides therapy (and assessment) services to young adults, including college students.

The initial session typically involves a diagnostic clinical interview to informally assess the client's needs, concerns, and goals.  Treatment recommendations are typically offered approaching the end of the session.


On average, evaluations are completed within two to four sessions, depending on the type of evaluation and the client's needs.  Within 3 weeks of the final evaluation session, Dr. Tani prepares a thorough evaluation report with data interpretation, diagnostic impressions and recommendations.  Types of evaluations include Academic and Cognitive/IQ to identify learning difficulties and learning strengths; Psychological Evaluations for diagnostic identification (e.g. Anxiety disorders, Depression disorders, Autism Spectrum disorders, ADHD).  Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE), second opinion evaluations regarding school-conducted assessments for educational programming purposes, are offered, as well.   


Concerns regarding a child or adolescent's developmental, behavioral, social, academic, or emotional functioning may be addressed through a solution-focused consultation framework to help determine a recommended course of action or to equip the family with psychoeducational information and/or strategies.  When a child is not developmentally ready for individual counseling, behavioral consultation may be recommended to assist with management of challenging behaviors . Behavioral consultation typically includes parent 'coaching' on positive behavior support strategies to address problematic behavior.  

Expert Consulting

A range of services is available for forensic purposes, including expert consulting and testifying, child evaluations  (e.g. cases of child maltreatment), civil psychological evaluations (e.g.determination of competencies or psychological damages), and court-mandated therapy.  

Please contact Dr. Tani for her forensic services fee schedule.

School Based Services

School-based services are available by contract.  Evaluations for purposes of special education eligibility under TEA guidelines commonly involve Psychological, Developmental/Autism, cognitive/IQ and/or Academic Achievement testing.  Data collected as part of a school-based evaluation may result in an eligibility recommendation under the criteria for Emotional Disturbance (ED), Autism (AU), Learning Disability (LD) or Other Health Impairment (OHI).  

Training & Seminars

Trainings, seminars, and workshops are available on a wide range of topics, including parenting practices across different age groups (infants, toddlers, children, 'tweens', adolescents), Autism, mood concerns (e.g. depression), various forms of anxiety, and stress management. 



In-Office Counseling/Therapy & Consultation

Initial appointment/first session     $200       (60 minutes)

Subsequent session                              $185      (50 minutes)

In-Office Assessment/Evaluations

Rate per hour            $185

Length of evaluation varies depending on type of evaluation and client needs

Out of Office Services (Including Expert Consulting/Forensic) 

Please contact Dr. Tani for a fee schedule

Practicum Student Fees

Please contact Dr. Tani to inquire about reduced fees when working with one of her practicum students.

A note regarding Insurance

Dr. Tani does not accept insurance at this time; her practice is self-pay only.  As an out-of network mental health provider, she gladly provides her clients with the documentation required by insurance companies for reimbursement purposes, such that they may submit it directly.  Please note that reimbursement rates can vary significantly depending on insurance company and individual plan, so inquiring with your insurance company about the out-of-network mental health benefits on your particular plan is encouraged.

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