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Cultivating Social-Emotional Health for Life-long Wellbeing

As parents, we do much every day to nurture and support our children's development.  We want to see our kids grow up healthy and happy, as well as able to relate well to others, set their own goals, and make good decisions.  We know that the early years are fundamental.  The roots of psychological health emerge early on, start to take hold in early infancy, and by way of emotional experience, continue to grow and expand well into adolescence and early adulthood.  As patterns of thought and behavior begin to develop, well-engrained habits start to pave the way of our life-long socio-emotional journey. 

Naturally, we can expect to encounter challenges along the way  as part of typical development.  At times, however, a problem might emerge that becomes chronic, or that begins to significantly interfere with daily life.  We can take heart in knowing that young brains are at a constant rate of change and there is always much that we can do to help.  We must also know that a young person's ability to cope with stress throughout the early years can have life-long mental health consequences.  As such, an expert's viewpoint upon early signs of problems may be crucial to assess needs and to offer recommendations.  


When questions arise about a young person's emotional, behavioral, or social development, Dr. Tani's expertise in psychological assessment and treatment can serve as a valuable resource.​

Dr. Tani is a Board Certified Psychologist offering therapy, counseling, consultation and evaluation/assessment services.


Dr. Tani's Approach

Evidence Based

I am committed to the use 

of best practices available 

in the field, and my overall methodology can best be described as research-informed. While there is no 'one size fits all' approach, 

I adhere to Evidence Based Treatments (EBTs)  to the extent appropriate in each individual case.


Every child and family bring a unique set of qualities and circumstances, talents, and challenges.  I strive to learn about each person with empathy, compassion,  positivity, and warmth.  

My role is one of supportive guidance toward making healthy changes that build upon present strengths.


Working together throughout the therapeutic process is important. Children are intricately linked to their parents and parents frequently know their child best.  Parental involvement is often essential for helping children bring their newly gained skills into everyday life.


After two to four sessions, treatment goals and benchmarks are collaboratively identified and periodically reviewed to assess progress.  To achieve  these goals and benchmarks,  an active role and the carrying out of the agreed-upon recommendations are necessary.

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